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Highly popular for generations on agricultural buildings including barns, sheds, and chicken house roofs, Corrugated Metal Panels have more recently gained tremendous popularity as a modern contemporary roof and wall product.

Corrugated 2.5″ Manufactured in house cut to length 3′ wide available in Galvalume and white 26ga.

Corrugated 1 1/4″ In stock available in 12′ length only. Beautiful classic look. 29ga Galvalume only.


5V-Crimp is a tried and true metal roof system. As one of the first panels to gain nationwide popularity, 5V-Crimp has been used for decades. 5V-Crimp is versatile and performs well in residential as well as agricultural applications. The traditional double “v” shaped ribs, as well as the low-profile of the panel make 5V-Crimp a great choice for nearly any style roof.

Tuff-Rib / Residential Rib Panel

Our most popular panel, Tuff-Rib / Residential Rib Metal Roofing Panel The most common panel in the USA classic look and design, a great choice for both residential and commercial purposes. It is the most economical panel we carry. Available with a 40 year paint warranty, Tuff-Rib is a long lasting economical metal roofing or siding product. Many of our colors are Energy Star approved for great energy efficiency. We custom cut these panels to the half inch.

The panel is available in 20+ colors in 40 year Sherwin Willams W x L.

We also offer this in 29ga and 26ga Galvalume with a 25 year warranty.

*For lower cost option we have 10 colors of economy painted material the doesn’t have a warranty.

R-Panel / PBR Panel

R-Panel is our most commonly used panel for commercial application. The 1 1/4″ tall ribs allow it to span greater distances. R-Panel is a great panel for slopes as low as 1:12. We custom cut these panels to the half inch.

Available next day in Galvalume and white 26ga. Commercial panel commonly used in steel building applications with 4′-6′ purlin spacing with low slopes.

*Other colors available with a slight longer lead time.

R-Panel / PBR Panel

We currently manufacture 1″ and 1.5″ nail strip along with a 1.75″ clip option panel. 20+ colors available in 26 and 24ga. This is the best roof you can install and will offer you a lifetime of maintenance free security.


Available Colors:

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